Leader of content editing/operating team

Posted 04 Aug 2017

PT. Mainspring Technology

Bangkok (Media & Advertising)

We are from PT. Mainspring Technology - a technology company, based in Jakarta, Indonesia (No. 1 game publisher in Indonesia (Maingames), No. 1 in Media - Technology & Gadget (Jalantikus), No. 1 in News App (Babe). Currently, we are expanding our business to Thailand and we are looking for Content editing team leader to join us. In short, the job des/requirement is as below: Job title: Leader of content editing/operating team. Requirements: Should be able to manage the team (up to 10), good at communicating (English and/or Chinese, apart from Thai - native), analyzing the content, approaching and solving problem. Content is Video and/or text, in local language. Please email to [email protected] if you are interested

How to Apply

Email to [email protected]