Business Partner for New Style Communication Technology

Posted 17 Oct 2017

RTC inc

Bangkok (Marketing / Public Relations)

I am looking for a true partner who is ready to build a business that deals with new style communication technologies and is certain to explode in Thailand.

The technology business that we will build, has the following system support criteria:

  1. 2 times the best award in 2016 as best solution communication.
  2. Supported by the world's largest and trusted financial institution, VISA.
  3. we have 9-12 ready and top 5 best technology that will enter the share of Thailand related to communication technology.
  4. EVERYONE NEEDS for promotion and communication
  5. NOT RESTRICTED to any geographical location
  6. A PATENTED technology
  7. and many more

I only select the 10 best people who are ready to build Thailand with the criteria can speak English well.

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you would like to be considered and receive an invitation to attend our preview. In your email, kindly include brief details about yourself, namely:

  • your nationality
  • your current employment status (working, not-working)
  • how would you describe yourself.
  • your Whatsapp number.

And each of the elected I will invite to attend an online meeting and will be described there how to work.

Range income : $25.000 - $100.000 /year