Private Personal Trainer full time for one month

Posted 19 Jan 2018

spholdings ltd

Chiang Mai (Beauty Care / Health)

Hi there,

I'm coming to Thailand for a month on the 11th of April for a month. I'm looking to find my own accommodation etc with the aim of getting back into shape. As such I'm looking to hire a local (anywhere in Thailand) for a month of full-time training- or whatever he/she suggests. I'm a 32 year old English guy, work in the merchant navy and am very keen to get back into shape. I'm not too far out, but I've been studying and letting my fitness lapse.

I'm not looking to come over to Thailand to drink lots and be merry- quite the opposite, just in a nice place- it can be outside major towns- so if you are located far away, please still get in touch. Also, if you know of accommodation too please let me know.

I'd be happy with male or female personal trainers, but probably edging on a female if I'm honest- I think I'd probably put most effort in to save embarrassment!

From the research, i've seen a PT session in a gym if local should be around 160baht, so i'm probably looking at 1000baht a day (7hours). So I wouldn't want to pay over 30,000Bht for the month, but you tell me what you'd be happy with either way.

I look forward to hearing from you, and then we can organise more from there, Sam

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