Logistics Officer

Posted 05 Jul 2018

AHA Centre

Bangkok (Transportation & Logistics)


A. Support the establishment of and the implementation of a Disaster Emergency Logistic System for ASEAN (DELSA) satellite warehouse programme in the Thailand to further improve ASEAN disaster preparedness and response

  1. In coordination with AHA Centre and OCD-NDRRMC, develop and ensure implementation of standard operating procedures to manage logistics operations efficiently;
  2. In coordination with AHA Centre and OCD-NDRRMC, establish and maintain long term agreements and partnerships with vendors, suppliers, forwarders and other related companies or authorities related to the procurement and delivery of DELSA stockpile items;
  3. Ensure regular update on the list of contacts and database of reliable vendors, suppliers, transporters, forwarders, and other related companies;
  4. Ensure the emergency stockpile are appropriately procured, received, stored, monitored and maintained at the warehouse in order to permit the rapid movement of the supplies;
  5. Maintain a close day to day communication and regular coordination with the AHA Centre and OCD-NDRRMC on the progress of the programme;
  6. Assist in organising meetings, conducting follow-up actions for activities related to the programme;
  7. Contribute to the development of modules for capacity development activities, including training, seminars and workshops for the AHA Centre in the field of disaster emergency logistic system;
  8. Participate in and/or assist in carrying out relevant training and/or simulation exercises, within the country and abroad as required; and
  9. Maintain relevant partnerships in the Thailand and as necessary with relevant organisations in the region to maximize the impact and the sustainability of the programme.

B. Assist the AHA Centre DELSA Logistic Officer in managing activities pertaining to the maintenance, mobilisation, and monitoring of AHA Centre’s relief stock items at the Thailand warehouse

  1. Monitor the utilisation of budget allocated to relief stock and its mobilisation;
  2. Responsible for identifying and recommending types of relief supplies appropriate to hazards in the region;
  3. Ensure that the quality and specification of the stockpile items are according to agreed specifications and procured appropriately according to AHA Centre Financial Regulations;
  4. Ensure that stocks are replenished timely to maintain appropriate level of availability of relief items for the next deployment;
  5. During an emergency response, coordinate and present logistics options to land, air, and/or sea operations;
  6. Prepare documents for smooth movement of relief items from the satellite warehouse to the intended destination or receiving country(ies);
  7. Liaise with AHA Centre and OCD-NDRRMC or competent authorities to organise delivery and reception of emergency relief items at the disaster affected destination points;
  8. Timely submission of the weekly achievement status, the stockpile monthly stock-take update, and the deployment report;
  9. Establish monitoring and evaluation mechanism, including post-deployment evaluation to ensure effectiveness and improvement of logistics procedures and practices related to the relief dispatch;
  10. Work closely with other appropriate staff members of AHA Centre and OCD-NDRRMC.

C. Carry out any other relevant assignments as tasked by the AHA Centre Executive Director or other designated officers

  1. Carry out any other relevant assignments as tasked by the Executive Director or other relevant officers;
  2. Contribute to the AHA Centre’s collective efforts by accomplishing related duties as needed.

D. Comply with the AHA Centre’s and OCD-NDRRMC’s Rules and Regulations.

  1. Conduct him/herself according to the AHA Centre’s vision, mission, values, and policies;
  2. Conduct him/herself according to the OCD-NDRRMC’s vision, mission, values, and policies;
  3. Adhere to all necessary aspects of corporate affairs within the organisation, such as administration, human resources, legal, finance as well as programme development and management, communications, M&E, and contribute to emergency operations as required.

How to Apply

You may apply by sending your application to [email protected] with the email subject and LO-TH, highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position, and completed the AHA Centre Application Form, which can be downloaded at www.ahacentre.org/opportunities by the latest of 15 July 2018.
Please ensure that the total size of your email including attachments is no more than 5 MB.
The Selection Panel's decision is final and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
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