Software Tester

Posted 03 Aug 2018

Beyondsoft Corporation

Bangkok (Information Technology (IT))

Responsible for testing software localization quality

  1. Install localized software on the localized operating system, complete basic functional testing, install/uninstall testing, and test hardware and software compatibility in the local area.
  2. The content of the test mainly includes the interface layout, functional integrity and language quality of software translation after software localization.

    Software errors for localization testing include: layout errors (layout, size, and location), localization-related functional errors, and translation errors.

    The translation quality of the software includes: the accuracy, completeness, consistency of the translation, as well as the cultural, traditional, custom and politically sensitive content of the specific regional market.

basic requirements: Language: Chinese, Thai, English (not Mandatory), good communication skills Skills: Have basic theory of software testing, more than 1 year of software testing experience, and experience in international software testing is preferred;

      Ability to run automated tests independently;
      Understand the bug basic submission specification and the defect reversal process;

How to Apply

[email protected]